(3+2) through culture

One of the characteristics of Heilongjiang Applied Technology School is:

Admission skills, the first degree college!

Heilongjiang Applied Technical School is a full-time secondary professional technical school approved by the Provincial Department of Education and registered by the National Ministry of Education6865。School practice3+2Through training mode in middle and higher vocational schools。

The middle and higher vocational college through mode means that students have completed five consecutive years of study life,Completed the first three years of the same major in the same school,It is arranged according to the study of the secondary school,The latter two years are arranged in the form of higher positions,Students also need to pass an intermediate transfer exam to successfully enter the stage,Through five years of study,Students can get a college diploma。

The "middle and higher vocational education training mode" is different from the previously launched"3+3"Middle and high vocational school through the model。Today's new patterns are no longer simply physical additions, but more akin to "chemical changes."。Not only is the learning time shortened by one year, but the reform of the school's curriculum is the biggest highlight of Z。It is reported that the school teachers will "understand" the textbooks of higher vocational schools, and write school-based textbooks for students to arrange and link up all the courses of higher vocational schools in a more scientific and reasonable way。

学生5The learning efficiency of the year is greater than that of the past.3+3The learning mode of higher vocational school。The school will strengthen students' practical training courses, carry out the teaching mode of practical training + theory for lower grade students, and adopt the teaching concept of "teaching to do integration" for senior students, so that every student can gradually understand this profession from the beginning of enrollment, and also learn more solid professional knowledge。

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